What is with this small paradise called Canigao Island?


Canigao Island is located in Matalom, Leyte. It has abundant fishing grounds and untouched coral reef in the surrounding waters making the area suitable for snorkel and diving. The beaches have fine white sand very great for beach volleyball, Frisbee and other beach activity.

Before you even begin packing, you have to understand that Canigao Island is uninhabited, featuring a lighthouse as its only significant man-made structure. The beaches have white sand, with tropical sea creatures and extensive coral reef in the surrounding waters. Of course, the climate is tropical and similar to that found in other areas of the Philippine islands. These natural features often attract tourists and scuba divers, who arrive at the island by traveling from Matalom (in the province of Leyte).

Canigao Island, southern Leyte, Philippines. Awesome shot by @nicogavan #canigao
Canigao Island, southern Leyte, Philippines. Awesome shot by @nicogavan #canigao

The western and northern part of Canigao island is placed under nature protection as a sanctuary. Due to this, activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, snorkeling, and boating in the protected areas are limited by law. Be informed.

Videographer Rocky Fabilane, gives us a glimpse of this small wonder:

How to get there:

Ride a van from Tacloban City New Bus Terminal going to Maasin City (200 – 220 pesos). Tell the driver your destination is Canigao. You will arrive in Matalom, Leyte. Ask the locals how to get there (Canigao Island). Boat fee is 45 to 55 pesos. Just 10 to 15 minutes to reach the island from the port. Bring a tent or rent a cottage for 700 pesos. DO NOT forget to bring a THICK BLANKET, off lotion, extra money, drinking water, etc. Electricity runs from a generator set from 6 pm to 6 am. Every one full charge costs 20 pesos. Bring your own food or have somebody cook meals for you at the island.

Cover photo by: @jordan_travels