MMA Superstar Brandon Vera Rescued a Philippine Tortoise!


If you haven’t seen yet, Brandon Vera freed a turtle!

Vera posted this message following his heroic act which went viral online with more than 1 million views.

No matter how you look at it, whomever they are, are just being fucking lazy…. Alam Ko. Fishing is hard Ass work, but you to say “fuck you mundo” “fuck you to our waters” “fuck you to our environment” fuck you other people”…… man you have nerve. Ma kapal ang mukha mo.

I’d like to request to my fans to spread this and let it be know… this shit needs to end. Punishment should be severe, I’ll dish it out…

Let’s figure something out… I’m no activist, or environmentalist, but This turtle woulda been fucked….

You can check out the whole rescue video here;

Brandon Vera is of Filipino descent, the son of a Filipino father, Ernesto, and his Filipino step-mother, Amelia. He is an American mixed martial artist currently signed with ONE FC. A professional competitor since 2002, he has formerly competed for the UFC and the WEC. Vera is the 2005 WEC Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion. He is currently the ONE FC Heavyweight Champion.

So for you pasaway fishermen out there, don’t let “The Truth” kick the heck out of you guys! Don’t!