Busay Falls is a Hidden Natural Masterpiece


Busay Falls is a popular day trip destination for local tourists on weekends especially during the hot summer months of March, April, and May. It is tucked away in a forested mountain at the quaint town of Malilipot in Albay. The seven-tiered falls are about 5 kilometers from Tabaco City proper, 20 kilometers north of Legaspi City and is easily accessible by both private and public transport. It is considered one of the highest waterfalls in the country descending in stages from a height of 250 meters cascading into seven small pools.

The water plunges approximately 91 meters from its highest point, and the last 40-meter cascade drops to a small and shallow pool which is the most popular among the seven falls.

How to get to Busay Falls

By Private Car:

From Legaspi City, follow the main highway to Tabaco City, the turnout on the left side is well-marked. After the turnout, it’s a short 2-kilometer scenic drive along mostly paved roads and rice fields. The road ends at the spacious parking area of Busay Falls.

From Ligao City, take the Sabloyon Road to Tabaco City, from the city proper, the turnout is about 5 kilometers and then it’s another 2 kilometers drive after the turnout.

By Public Transport

Take any bus to Tabaco City from Satellite Market in Legaspi City. Tell the driver to drop you at the turnout of Busay Falls or at Malilipot Municipal Hall if you missed the turnout. Pedicab and tricycle drivers parked near the municipal hall would gladly take you to Busay Falls in 20 minutes or less. You may opt to walk from the turnout to the falls which is about 30 minutes following the narrow road or walk through the villages and then through the rice fields if you have a local guide.

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